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Modern day solar heating systems has evolved from the Back Yard 'Do-It-Yourselves' of the 1970. Highly efficient solar heating systems can do more than just heat water.   Combination solar heating systems with the ability to heat  both hot water and  home heating, are the latest in solar thermal technology.  Reliable controllers with multiple zones allow solar thermal to expand into complete Home & Industrial heating automation with higher paybacks than ever!


In Japan an estimated 10,000,000 homes use this technology to heat their homes. 

In North America solar water heating is quickly growing as the price of solar collectors fall and governments support the use of clean energy, financially.  A hot water system is in most cases done using a close loop system with glycol mixture running through the primary side of a heat exchanger. 

Special solar water tanks are now available that have the heat exchanger built directly inside the system.

Existing hot water heaters can  also be quickly adapted by using a primary storage hot water tank before the existing secondary tanks.  Using a heat exchanger and solar system would heat the primary storage tank.  Water would then be drawn into the existing water tank as needed.  


This is perhaps the most common type of home water heating as the current system is left in place and solar water compliments the system.    When installing a hot water system, a controller and pump are required.  There should also be proper pressure release valves used.


We provide  Solar Thermal system kits which include the collectors, tanks and pump station as well as insulated high temperature stainless steel flexible lines and fittings.