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Lawson Mills Pelleting Equipment


In order to make different biomass usable and storagable, it needs to be pelletized, which is the  densification of the raw material. Lots of different biomass can be pelletized e.g. sawdust, straw, grasses, paper etc.

The LM-72 Pellet System enables you to make fuel pellets or animal feeds from your own biomass materials. The LM-72 is an industrial quality machine which produces up to 350 lb of pellets per hour and is designed to run 24/7 if required. This pellet mill can pay for itself in a very short period of time.

The machine consists of a dosage auger with a closed feed hopper. Materials for granulation is placed into the hopper. The auger brings the material to the feed arm, where the measured amount of material falls down to the mixing chamber. The rest of the material is returned back via an overflow system of the feeding hopper. So the material continually circulates through the feed system. The closed system reduces dust particles and product waste.

Material feed through the dosage system can be mixed with other added components i.e. water or other fluids, via the unique moisture dosing system. It then falls directly to the granulator. By means of high pressure and temperature the granulized material is partially plastificized while going through the granulation matrix.

For more information, or detailed quote please contact us. We offer a variety of equipment for pellet production and processing.

Who would benefit from these systems ?

  • Wood working facilities
  • Farms
  • Educational centers
  • Animal feed producers
  • Entrepreneurs


Efficiency - The LM-72 runs on less than 12KWh that's arround $ 1 an hour for us here in BC. Wear item cost can be as low as $ 5 per ton of pellets.

Unique System - The patented cooling/screening system removes unwanted fines, sending them back to the mill for pelleting, so there is no waste.