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Combined Heat & Power Systems (CHP)

we partnered up with Planet Green Solutions Inc. from Florida to introduce small scale BioMass CHP systems to the Candian market.

Combined Haet and Power (CHP), or co-generation is the simultanious generation of electricity and heat, which is the most efficient way to use biomass energy.

How It Works

The PGS-Series Biomass Power Plants can run a variety of biomass materials as feedstock. Depending on size, consistency and moisture content; some feedstock will require additional preperation such as: chipping, grinding, drying in our industrial drum dryer, or compression into bio-brickett.

However, most systems are running on wood chips, because wood chips are easy and cheap to make.

The reactor converts the biomass into its raw elements of primarily solid carbon biochar and a hydrogen/carbon-monoxide gas called syngas. The gaseous fuel is filtered to safely power our internal combustion engine generators.

The PGS Biomass Power Plant is designed to connect to the electric power grid (grid-tie) via net-metering. This system is self-contained and poses no air quality, water quality, soil degradation, odor, or noise issues. There are no unique construction or installation requirements. The system can be located inside a well ventilated building or a sea-container.

The only by-product from gasification is a saleable biochar that is used as a soil amendment for growers.

The System is fully automated and is running unattended for up to 144hrs. After a 6 day running cycle it requires some maintenance work, which can be done in less then 1 hour.

The feedstock must be prepared to the manufacturers specifications.

Operation and maintenance cost average are 2.5ct/kW



 PGS-20  PGS-60 PGS-120
 Heat Only 405 kBTU/h 1,000kBTU/h 2,300kBTU
 Power Only 20kWe 60kWe 120kWe
 Heat & Power N/A 230kBTU+60kWe 560kBTU+120kWe