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Solar & Biomass Energy Solutions

Sustainable BioMass Heating Solutions

we can provide you with the latest state of the art BioMass Heating Solutions meeting all the 2017 emission standards in BC for wood burning devices.

We differentiate three product categories:

  • Indoor hydronic wood gasification heater (Walltherm) 
  • Outdoor/Indoor hydronic wood gasification furnace (Polar G-Class)
  • Wood chip/ Wood pellet and Cord Wood boilers (Froeling) 


Walltherm Hydronic Wood Gasification Stoves  

The Walltherm concept:

The Walltherm is the first natural down-draft hydronic wood gasification stove for the living room. The Walltherm is not just a wood stove, it´s a hydronic wood stove and provides space heating and domestic hot water. The Walltherm has a consequently low fuel use with an efficiency of 84% (HHV).

This hydronic wood stove can be connected directly to the central heating system and/or to a thermal storage tank. The Walltherm is tested to the following standards: UL 1482, UL391, CSA B366.1, CSA B415.1-10 and CSA S-627. It meets the EPA Hydronic Heater Program Phase II particulate emission level of max. 18 gr/hour and 0.32 Lb/mmBTU.

Quick Facts: 

  • 15kW (51,000 BTU/hr) heat output
  • Stick-wood (max. 20% Moisture Content)
  • 30% Heat Radiation / 70% hydronic heat
  • No combustion fan 
  • Solar thermal compatible 
  • Manufatured in Sued Tirol Italy, CSA certified

Polar G-Class Indoor / Outdoor Gasification Furnace
3rd Generation of European wood gasification technology made in Canada.
Quick Facts:
  • G2, G2Plus, G3  from 29kW to 58kW (100,000 to 200,000 BTU's/hr)
  • Stick-wood (max. 20% Moisture Content)
  • 86% Efficiency
  • Variable speed DC combustion fan
  • Solar thermal compatible
  • CSA, UL certified 
Froeling Wood Chip, Wood Pellet and Cord Wood Boiler

Advanced European BioMass Heating Technology 
Quick Facts:
  • 15kW to100kW (51,000 to 341,000 BTU's/hr)
  • wood chips, wood pellets and cord wood
  • Auto ignition
  • Engineered fuel feed and holding systems
  • Automatic ash removal
  • Made in Austria