Egenolf Alternative Energy Inc.

Solar & Biomass Energy Solutions belongs to:

Egenolf Alternative Energy Inc. -3765 Aitken Rd. - Smithers BC -V0J2N7  

Ph. (250)-900-0156                      


John & Angelika immigrated with their boys Mike and Markus from Germany to Canada in 2007.

John is a structural and civil engineer by trade with over 25 years of experience in the construction industry. Angelika is a glazier engineer and is working with John since over 20 years.

The Egenolf's are living off the grid at their farm near Smithers, BC. The farm is powered by 12.0kW photo-voltaic, 12kW WVO diesel and a wood gas CHP hybrid system, which provides all electricity and heat. 

John's workshop is called the 'Northern Power Lab' because it contains a very unique combination of renewable energy technologies. 


' We think that renewable energy education is the key for change in our environmental consciousness.'

In combination with our modern self-sufficient lifestyle, it shows what can be done without missing any aspect of modern life.'   

 John Egenolf